What Is This “Life”letter thing? And Why Are You Quoting Buzz Lightyear?

Every Monday I deliver peak performance strategies straight to your inbox to help student-athletes win before, during, & after the game.

I’m not a reporter sharing news. I’m a peak performance coach that helps turbo-boost results beyond all rational standards and reasonable expectations.

So lifeletter it is! 😎

When I say game, I’m referring to the infinite game of life. The game every student-athlete will transition to playing once done playing the finite game of their specific sport—the world beyond school.

And it doesn’t matter which stage of being a student-athlete you’re in.

Maybe you want to build a high flow lifestyle in preparation for your game, maybe you want to get gritty about recovery after dominating your game, or maybe you want to find your identity through your persona brand so you can dominate the infinite game of life…

It doesn’t matter where you are today. I’ll provide consistent and actionable tips to make sure you’re set up to ball out.

D1 Women’s Soccer Student-Athlete, Junior
Former D1 Women’s Soccer Student-Athlete

And maybe you’re a Coach, Athletics Staffer, Parent, or someone else that plays an important role in the world of a student-athlete…

No biggie!

Even people who aren’t student-athletes love my book and what I write about.

So this lifeletter won’t be any different!

You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the lifeletter goes directly to your inbox.

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Oh, One More Thing…

You won’t have to worry about missing anything.

Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox (Be sure to check that pesky Promotions or Spam folder 😉).



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